Organizations that foster continuous learning are more successful than their competitors. The module is intended for planning, management, organization and monitoring of employee training. You can manage different types of trainings: external and internal, classroom education or online education. You can link them with the required competencies and define the training for each job.

The module allows you to systematically develop individuals and the entire company, and you will have an overview over the time and resources invested in training. At the same time, you can review information about the use of newly acquired knowledge at the workplace, so you can better evaluate the effect of the investment. With different reports generated within the module you will have an overview of the company’s intellectual capital.

The module allows you to prepare a catalogue of trainings, to plan individual trainings and monitor how the plan has been realised, as well as link trainings with the required competencies. You can also apply for participation in trainings, accept applications for trainings, approve applications and participations (i.e. bookings) and monitor attendance. You can inform your employees about the planned training or refer them to the training.

After the training has been accomplished, you can use the questionnaires to analyse individual trainings, and you can customize the content of the questionnaires. Based on results, you can prepare a training strategy for the next period.