By organising regular discussions and meetings encourage heads and employees to give feedback as a basis for more effective work and cooperation. You can ask different types of questions to promote dialogue and gather opinions on subjects that are relevant to the success of the business. You can make questionnaires for different profiles or types of conversations. By defining the required behavioural competencies and thematic content within the conversations, you will communicate and develop the culture of the company. At the end, all answers are compiled in a report which can be analysed and can provide you with a basis for appropriate follow-up.

The module allows you to raise awareness of employees about their role in the company, to achieve common goals and expected competencies. The goals can be independent or in line with the overall goals, so that the objectives of the individual are clearly linked to the strategic goals of the company. We classify the goals in different categories and connect them in a cascading manner and define them according to the SMART method. Deviations from the projected goals can be detected in time and appropriate decisions can be taken with this regard.

Moreover, the module allows you to build and deploy a competence model for a more efficient identification of gaps that need to be filled in order to run a successful business. You can assess the achievement of competencies according to predetermined scales. The assessment can be determined by individual competencies or by behavioural indicators of an individual competence. You can monitor the competence history and its ratings, and compare the ratings with the required level of competence in a particular workplace.