The module supports the process of introducing a new employee to the company or to a chosen work post. With a faster and more efficient process of acquiring new knowledge and skills, you will provide a positive experience for the individual and that will have a good influence on his commitment, productivity and feeling of belonging. By monitoring the implementation of the introduction activities, the satisfaction of the new colleague with the introductory process and the length of the employee’s cooperation with the company, you can focus on practices that provide a positive impact on further cooperation and commitment.

The process includes the steps and participants needed for the successful introduction of a colleague into the working environment (e.g. presentation of rules, acceptance of equipment needed for work and protective equipment, making a mentoring program, training, etc.). It supports the parallel or sequential tasks of the new employee and of other employees (head, mentor, HR, etc.), who are promptly informed and reminded of the deadlines for carrying out the activity.

The module includes the process of employee’s off-boarding or cross-boarding.